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a icon challenge featuring your favorite celebrities.

celeb icontest. all celebrities all the time.
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an all celebrity icon challenge

the community ;

Welcome to celeb_ic0ntest, which stands for: celebrity icontest. It's a simple contest that will consist of icons in 100x100, 150x150, and sometimes in 200x200. Just to keep you on your toes. =)

challenges will start whwn we have enough members.
looking for ;

I am currently looking for:
- Two co-mods
- Two banner/award makers

apply at this post right here.
the rules ;

If you're going to participate in this community, you're going to have to follow some rules:

  • Most important: enter the challenges ;)

  • Please remember: to vote so we can declare a winner

  • No disrespecting other members. If you have problems with someone please leave it out of my community. Thanks =)

  • You can use anything you want to prettify your icons such as text, textures, and brushes.

  • Don't post your entries anywhere else until the voting process is complete.

  • Good luck, and please have fun!

  • Promote us! We'll need members! <3

outline of when the challenges will be posted etc ;

The challenges will last two weeks.
  • On Sunday challenges will be posted; you will have two weeks from said Sunday to submit your icon or signature.

  • On the Monday following the deadline date, voting will be posted. Voting will be up for 3 days

  • On Thursday voting results will be posted.

  • Between Firday and Saturday banners will be given.

  • On Sunday the process will start all over again =)

the inspiration ;

Well I was out of the LJ loop for a while [again], and I was thinknig about coming back. Well here I am and I had an idea when I went and checked out my other communities, since some of them died, I figured I could make another community. But what about one that consisted of all Celebrities? And low and behold, here we are. I hope you like it and have fun here!

the affiliates ;

If you would like to affiliate with celeb_ic0test, please contact one of the mods. Or you can simply post here.


promote ;

Pimp our buttons and banners in your userinfo's and communities. You know you want to. <3

other ;

thefulcrum << Current layout
killjoy_jane for community icon, button and banner. && the banner over community info.